As the first anniversary of my mam Dawn Emily Kane approaches there’s been a surge of irreconcilable grief and disbelief bubbling to the surface of my awareness. Writing and gentle dance has helped me embrace the great void and flatness that her beautiful gift of motherhood used to fill without us even realising just how understated and effortless she made it appear. Now of course I know how lucky I was to have a woman with that much inner strength to carry herself through life with a playfulness and love so great she touched everyone with a piece of her and so her heart still walks around down here in all her children, grand-children, her sister and brothers, her nieces and nephews, and her friends; she’s never far from us because she gave all of herself to life.


Mini Marathon and M.E.

Nothing is taken for granted anymore. Every time might be the last time so treasure it like no other love was known but this moment, this person, family blesses you in ways only your heart can truly acknowledge.

I’m Alive! I’m Dying! Nope Still Alive, Carry on!

I am terrified of hospitals because it makes the hypersensitivity symptoms and pain excruciating. Unfortunately most staff are not educated yet on how to treat people living with M.E. so you continuously feel very unsafe in your body all the time.

I thought M.E. was cured when Lexapro mania gave me some energy to fight back

Medical staff need to meet us where we and they are at help us feel safe in their hands and their facilities, take the trauma out of our experiences with health care by expressing some willingness to learn about M.E. It’s a learning process for us all but it doesn’t need to be traumatic if they forget everything they think they know and listen to what patients are experiencing.

Fibro Through A Gaga Lens

If you haven't heard of Fibromyalgia before you will probably see it now being showcased somewhere online or in the media after Lady Gaga's new documentary on Netflix aired 'Five Foot Two' where she is shown throughout the movie battling fibro to continue to perform for her fans and for herself. Fibromyalgia is defined by…Read more Fibro Through A Gaga Lens

Good Grief! What Happened Mam?

Dawn was the perfect example of life kicks you when you're down - but she was too busy shaking her hips on the dance floor with the ladies club, getting up on stage with her sister at a Bugle Babes gig, or bringing her grand-kids off to the sea or a show because she never let life's lemons sour her. Nothing stopped mam living her life with enjoyment and gratitude.

The Importance Of Choosing Your Stress Mindset

"Choice is the most powerful thing we have going for us." - Caroline Myss I never paid enough heed to people that talk so highly about our power to choose until now. I know I personally chose to give up because of my illness, depression, anxieties and mostly because of how I viewed stress to…Read more The Importance Of Choosing Your Stress Mindset